Are you ready to start maximizing your social media efforts? If so, then a great place to start is to customize each account with a professional design.

In this post you will find a handy cheat sheet [infographic] for you, or your designer, to reference when branding your primary social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing

Simple Design Cheat Sheet for Social Media

Social media pages can be some of the best tools for promoting content, finding new customers and engaging your existing customers. In order to leverage these pages correctly though it is important to properly brand and customize them first. By showcasing and communicating a consistent brand message across all of your web properties you will effectively build your brand and establish trust amongst your visitors.

Our simple social media design cheat sheet will save you from scouring Google and pages of documentation to find the best dimensions and settings to build your designs around.

Save it, share it or embed it on your blog. Oh and make sure to check back every month or so as we will be keeping it updated with more social media networks that allow for these customizations as they become available. Enjoy!

Social Media Design Cheat Sheet

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Vinny La Barbera

I’ve been working in online marketing since 2000 and have helped thousands of companies improve their online presence and grow their business through better web / mobile design, development and online marketing. Learn more about me or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

  • Laila Sedky

    I LOVE your ideas.

    NOLA is a very seasonal brand with seasonal designs. Can you help us maximize our social interfaces with a strategy and designs on a monthly basis?


    • Vinny La Barbera

      Thanks for positive feedback Laila.

      We’d love to help with your social strategy / designs. I’ll have someone reach out to you today to get a meeting scheduled so we can chat with you first.

  • Jonathan Mason

    What a fantastic resource! We will be embedding this on our Design Blog! Thanks for creating a USEFUL infographic, it’s quite a rarity these days..

  • Socialdesignz