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Vinny La Barbera

Looking for some useful data on the online marketing industry for 2011?

Thanks to Webmarketing123, we now have some insightful information as it relates to the digital marketing world.

The following results and data come from a survey that was conducted from August to September of this year and completed by over 500 marketing professionals.

We encourage you to download and read the survey results yourself, but also understand that everyone likes the Cliff Notes® version of everything so we have provided the highlights (as we see them).

Digital Marketing Industry Report Highlights

What is the most important objective?

  • For B2B, 46.4% of participants found the most important objective to be lead generation
  • For B2C, 39.9% of participants found the most important objective to be sales generation

What is the most effective form of digital marketing?

 How important is social media?

  • 84.8% keep their Social Media Marketing in-house
  • For B2C, 75.3% are most active on Facebook
  • For B2B, only 34.6% are most active on Facebook
  • 68.4% reported successful lead generation from social media sites
  • 55% reported closed deals from social media leads

How is success measured in digital marketing programs?

  • Website traffic was the common denominator of success across both B2B and B2C campaigns

How are digital marketing budgets allocated?

  • For B2B, 33.3% was allocated on SEO and 27.8% was allocated on PPC
  • For B2C, 21.5% was allocated on SEO and 42.5% was allocated on PPC
Do these statistics fall in line with your digital marketing campaigns? Or, would you like some help optimizing or preparing your campaigns for the upcoming holiday season and/or the new year?
If so, then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to get you set up with a free consultation with one of our online marketing consultants.
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