#imNEWS: Google Chrome Outs ‘Not Secure’ Websites

Vinny La Barbera
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Vinny La Barbera

If you still haven’t implemented HTTPS on your website, then I have some bad news for you…

As of today, July 24th, Google Chrome has started to warn users of websites that are “Not secure”.

In other words, if you haven’t implemented HTTPS best practices, then any of your customers or prospective customers that try to visit your website are going to start seeing a “Not secure” warning in Google Chrome (the most widely used browser).

Google Chrome Outs Not Secure Websites
Source: Why Use HTTPS? | Cloudflare

Although many users may not notice or necessarily care about the warning, this could still deter visitors from continuing on to your website and thus kill potential opportunities for leads or sales.

This is something you should certainly care about and prioritize as the push to make websites secure is only going to increase. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google eventually makes this a requirement for sites that want to be included in their index.

Cloudflare, a service we use across all of our hosted websites, has a great article on why you should be using HTTPS.  Setting up a SSL certificate is easier and cheaper than ever, but it’s not the only step in making your website completely secure.

If you care about your site’s usability, conversion rate and organic visibility in the search engines, then making your site secure is a must.

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