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Vinny La Barbera

Did you know that Google Images is one of the best sources of organic traffic for sites with relevant, optimized images?

And when those images are unique and high quality, the numbers can be even more significant than some of the traffic sources you might be paying for.

Unfortunately, most businesses that rely on Google Analytics wouldn’t have a clue as to how much traffic their website actually gets from Google Images as this information has always been lumped in with Google organic search traffic.

Until now…

Just a month or so ago, Google announced how it was changing referral source URLs for Google Images.

This change is bringing about an often requested, long awaited update to Google Analytics, which will give webmasters and business owners the ability to see Google Images data in a more granular, helpful way.

Google Images traffic data improves in Google Analytics

Source: Google Images data in Google Analytics

According to Google,

Within your regular analytics reporting, you’ll be able to compare total Google Organic traffic to that of Google Images traffic via any of the acquisition reports, or add more detail to other reports by adding a secondary dimension of Source.

Google Images is a great place to capture traffic that might be too competitive or expensive elsewhere. By sticking to some image optimization guidelines your website can take advantage of this source that still tends to fly under the radar.

And don’t stop there either. Images can be used in a lot of different ways to drive traffic, convert visitors and retain / help your customers. Start leveraging these assets today and you’ll begin seeing a payoff in less time than you think.

Interested in learning how to leverage Google Images for more website traffic and conversions?


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