How Much Does SEO Cost?

Vinny La Barbera
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Vinny La Barbera

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘How much does SEO cost?” Our answer, like that of many other SEO agencies and consultants, is usually ‘It depends’.

There is really no guide or chart to give to customers that tells them exactly what they need to spend on SEO to see specific results. Without knowing more about the customer’s business, specifically their needs, wants and must-haves, it is not possible, or right, to just throw out search engine optimization costs. Estimates don’t help the customer make the best marketing and spending decisions for their business.

All of that said, we completely understand that sometimes a business needs to pre-qualify an agency, and their own spending abilities, in order to achieve the results they want to see. So, when – and only when – a customer is able to divulge more specific information about their business and their goals do we feel ok with providing some rough SEO cost estimates prior to an actual proposal with completed research and specifications.

An excellent supplemental reference for those interested in SEO pricing has been put together by the awesome teams over at SEOMoz and AYTM Market Research. The [INFOGRAPHIC] that they have created can act as a great reference to customers and agencies alike as it provides some useful data and insight on SEO pricing and costs.

(The data presented is based on information collected in December 2011 from over 500 agencies and consultants.)

SEO Pricing

Make sure to check out the full post and analysis of these results from SEOMoz.

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