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Vinny La Barbera

We have worked on over 5,000 plus projects – all extremely rewarding in some facet or another. However, the most rewarding things we do continue to be those that don’t involve our online marketing expertise or web experience. Instead, the opportunities that take us out of the office to put in time, blood, sweat and tears to help those less fortunate always leaves the most lasting impression on each one of us.

This holiday season imFORZA decided that the people right in our own backyard could use our help so we paid a visit to the Los Angeles Mission in downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Mission
Los Angeles Mission sign that overlooks the dining room and reminds everyone that the mission is there to provide help and hope to many in need.

Los Angeles Mission

The Los Angeles Mission is a non-profit organization that serves the homeless people living on the streets of downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

“Approximately 1 out of every 100 people in Los Angeles County goes to sleep without a home every night.”

This amazing place has provided compassionate, humanitarian services to the people in the area for over 75 years by offering help, hope and opportunity to men, women and children in need.

Ali Baker at Los Angeles Mission
imFORZA’s Ali Baker showing off her wrapping skills at the Los Angeles Mission


Volunteering at the Mission

With a little help from the warm-hearted people at Gilt City, we were able to easily organize an opportunity to bring some of our team down to help however we could.

Being that Christmas was right around the corner, the Mission needed some assistance wrapping gifts for children in the area, decorating the dining room for the hundreds of homeless people that come in and out, and of course, preparing food for the hungry mouths that frequent the mission.

We had an unforgettable time and hope that our contributions made even the slightest impact on the Mission and those that rely on it for compassion, food and hope.

imFORZA highly encourages you to take some time to experience this amazing place for yourself. The LA Mission does unbelievable things for those in the community. By providing a warm place for prayer, food, guidance and compassion, the LA Mission seems to give these down and out people one last glimmer of hope.

imFORZA at the Los Angeles Mission

We want to thank the LA Mission for having us. We look forward to coming back and pitching in even more.

If you are interested in helping the LA Mission as well, then you can DONATE HERE or CONTACT THE MISSION to signup for your volunteer opportunity.

Feel free to contact us as well if you are interested in learning more about our experience at the Mission or are interested in having imFORZA provide our services (pro bono) for your non-profit.

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