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Vinny La Barbera
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Vinny La Barbera

After months of design, development, optimization, content creation and quality checks we are proud to present our brand new website to the world –

In case you’re wondering, this website is built entirely on WordPress using the Thesis theme. We chose to go this route for a few reasons:

  • WordPress is extremely search engine friendly
  • Thesis is a fantastic and flexible theme for WordPress
  • Using WordPress is fun, painless and scalable

We will be constantly adding new content and pages to the website, but what you see now is the basic concept that we are very proud of. And as much as we love our final product we have already begun working on the next iteration of our website. It is going to be even better than this one.

Stay tuned….

To get the inside scoop on the new design from Chris Olson, imFORZA’s lead designer / developer on this project, then be sure to check out our official Press Release announcing the new website launch. If you are looking for even more information or are curious about certain design choices or development tactics then leave us a comment below and we will be happy to divulge the inner workings of the site.

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