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Vinny La Barbera

Overwhelmed by all of the Internet marketing articles that have been published this year? Not quite sure which ones to read and which ones to skip?

We know how you feel and for this reason we have compiled one simple list of our own top Internet marketing articles from 2013.

These are articles that not only provide lots of useful advice, but also tips that can continue to be applied to your online marketing efforts going into the new year.

List of Top Internet Marketing Articles from imFORZA (2013)

How We Picked Our Top Internet Marketing Articles

If you’ve been following our blog all year, then you probably know by now that we like to publish articles that are very detailed, easy to understand and also contain actionable tips that can be applied by any business.

If this is the first post of ours you’re reading, then we welcome you to follow our blog and subscribe to our free email newsletter. We provided a lot of juicy tips, news and advice this past year and plan to do even more in the coming year so don’t miss out.


Since we wanted to avoid giving you a list of dozens of articles to catch up on – knowing that can be overwhelming – we put together some qualifications to determine which of our articles were “top” post material for the year. The main qualifications are as follows:

  • Volume of social media engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc)
  • Discussion activity (post comments)
  • Traffic (unique visitors, returning visitors)
  • Backlinks (links from other websites and blogs)
  • Time Sensitivity (still relevant / applicable)

After reviewing all of our articles from this past year – specifically looking for the qualifications and metrics above – we are proud to present our top 5 Internet marketing articles from 2013.

We hope you’re able to apply at least one thing from them to help improve your online marketing in 2014.


imFORZA’s Best Articles from 2013

Top 5 Internet Marketing Articles from imFORZA

#5 – SEO Predictions for 2013

SEO Predictions for 2013
There were a lot of changes and updates for SEOs this past year. Check out our popular infographic to see if our predictions hit the mark. We even included some very useful tips that can still be applied so don’t miss this one.



#4 – How to Find, Curate and Create Effective Content

Effective Content Curation
Some of the best content doesn’t always need to take hours of your time. Learn how to properly find, curate and create content that attracts links, drives traffic and helps convert your visitors into customers.



#3 – Growing a Social Following from Scratch

Growing a Social Following
Social media can be a significant driver of traffic if you’ve properly built your following. Learn how to grow your own social following – even if you’re starting with nothing – to build your online presence.



#2 – The Only WordPress Plugins You Need

WordPress Plugins
Don’t bog your WordPress website down with unnecessary plugins. See which plugins are really the only ones you need. We even included a handy flowchart to help you determine whether or not you even need a plugin for specific features.



#1 – 6 Online Marketing Strategy Questions You MUST Answer

Online Marketing Strategy Questions
Your online marketing efforts will fail if you avoid answering some fundamental questions about your business. Learn what these questions are and how to apply your answers to your online marketing strategy for the best results possible.


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Looking Back and Moving Forward

This past year’s Internet marketing articles provided us with a lot of new visitors, customers and insights about our business and our readers.

We hope that you have been able to get something positive out of our tips and recommendations to grow your own business. There is certainly enough here to keep you busy for the next 12 months.

For next year, we plan on continuing our focus on content development to build our business and to also help you improve yours.

We thank you for your continued support and readership and look forward to building new relationships in the new year.

As always, if you ever need help – outside of our blog posts – then we encourage you to reach out. You’ll be glad you did.

Need help putting together your strategy for the New Year?



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