#imNEWS: Reddit is Now the 3rd Most Popular Website in the US

Vinny La Barbera
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Vinny La Barbera

Reddit, the website you keep hearing about, but probably haven’t used religiously yet, has surpassed Facebook as the third most popular website in the US.

Reddit Popularity - 3rd Most Popular Website in the US

I usually don’t share news about rankings like this as they can fluctuate too much, but I felt obliged with this particular story.

Reddit has been around for well over a decade. It’s arguably the most active, engaging place on the Internet. It’s combination of social news aggregation, content rating and open discussion makes it a must visit for those sick of filtered newsfeeds riddled with political spam and fake news.

No matter what your interest, there is a dedicated community on Reddit just for you.

These features, along with a diehard user base, have propelled Reddit to become even more popular than sites like Facebook, Amazon and Wikipedia.

Reddit, the #3 Most Popular Website in the US

If you’re like me, then your reaction is probably something along these lines…

So, how is this relevant or useful to me?

Well, for starters, if your target audience matches the demographic makeup of Reddit’s core user base – US based men, ages 18-29 – then this is very relevant to your business. You, or your marketing team, should be frequenting the platform to research and engage your prospective customers.

However, this is not like Facebook or Twitter where you can just dump links to your content in hopes of a small percentage of your audience finding their way to your website.

Reddit is all about interaction. You’ll need to share genuine stories, creative images and videos or talk about conversational topics like technology, science, music, comics, food and fitness. And be prepared to bring your opinion. Reddit is not the place to be a wallflower if you’re expecting it to help you grow your business in any way.

If you think you’ve maxed out the existing platforms, your business caters to Reddit’s primary user base and you’re open to taking a risk on a platform that your competitors haven’t figured out yet, then go check out Reddit.

At the very least I guarantee that you’ll find yourself in an interesting discussion that will either make you think, make your blood boil or make you laugh hysterically. Whichever it may turn out to be, you’ll start to understand how and why Reddit has found itself in the upper echelon of sites on the web.

Want to discuss whether or not Reddit is a viable option for your business?


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