Did you miss out on some of the best Internet marketing articles from this past year?

There were a ton of great marketing tips, hints and hacks published in 2014 and we like to think that some of ours made the list of the most useful ones. For that reason we have compiled a roundup of our own top Internet marketing articles for 2014 that we hope you find helpful.

Give them a read and try to implement at least one thing from these articles as you carry out your online marketing strategy in 2015.

List of Top Internet Marketing Articles from imFORZA (2014)

How We Picked Our Top Internet Marketing Articles

If you’ve been following our blog, then you know we like to publish articles that are very detailed, easy to understand and also contain actionable tips that can be applied by across many different types of businesses.

If this is the first post of ours you’re reading, then we welcome you to follow our blog and subscribe to our free email newsletter. We’ve provided a lot of exclusive tips, news and advice this past year and plan to continue that into 2015.

As usual, we like to avoid giving you a list of dozens of articles to catch up on so we put together some qualifications to determine which of our articles were “top” post material for the year.

The main qualifications are as follows:

  • Volume of social media engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc)
  • Discussion activity (post comments)
  • Traffic (unique visitors, returning visitors)
  • Backlinks (links from other websites and blogs)
  • Time Sensitivity (still relevant / applicable)

After reviewing all of our articles from this past year – specifically looking for the qualifications and metrics above – we are proud to present our top 5 Internet marketing articles from 2014.

We hope you’re able to apply at least one thing from them to help improve your online marketing in 2015.


imFORZA’s Best Articles of 2014

Top 5 Internet Marketing Articles from imFORZA

#5 – Internet Marketing on a Budget

Internet Marketing on a BudgetMore and more businesses are becoming aware of the importance of online marketing. Not all of them though have proper budgets to dedicate to comprehensive strategies. This article is for those businesses that want to market their products / services online, but need to start on a limited budget.



#4 – Online Marketing KPIs: Choosing, Tracking & Meeting the Right Ones

Online Marketing KPIsOne of the most advantageous elements of online marketing is the ability to track every dollar you spend down to the cent. Make sure you’re doing just this by choosing, tracking and measuring the right online marketing success metrics so you can actually grow your business from your efforts.



#3 – Sitemap Tips: Planning, Implementing & Optimizing

Sitemap PlanningDon’t ignore one of the most important components of your website – the sitemap. Whether you’re building a new site or optimizing your current one you need to start by analyzing your sitemap. Learn how to plan, implement and optimize a better sitemap for your website.



#2 – Building Alternative Traffic Sources: Why, Where & How

Building Alternative Traffic SourcesIf you’re still relying on Google as your only source of traffic, then you’re putting your company’s long term success and growth at risk. Learn how to find and use different sources of traffic to diversify your flow of visitors and hedge yourself against possible dips in Google traffic.



#1 – Website Performance Tips to Survive a Tiered Internet

Site Performance TacticsNet neutrality was a huge topic in 2014 – especially since it directly affects how businesses, large and small, market their companies online. Don’t sit back and wait to see what happens. Learn how to survive in a tiered Internet, whether your site is on the large or small side.


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We hope that you have been able to get something positive out of our tips and recommendations to grow your own business. If not, then it’s never too late and there’s certainly enough in the list above to keep you busy for at least a few months.

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