This past year was filled with some really detailed and actionable internet marketing articles. Did you happen to catch a few?

If not, then you should find this post helpful as I’ve rounded up some of our top internet marketing articles from 2015 and put them into one simple place for you. Consider this your holiday reading list. Instead of having to turn in a book report at the end though you get to try out some of the tips that I’ve written about to help grow your business.

So, check out the top 5 internet marketing articles of ours from this past year. You’ll be sure to find at least 7-10 actionable things you can do to get your marketing strategy on the right track in 2016.

Top imFORZA Internet Marketing Articles of 2015

How We Chose Our Top Internet Marketing Articles

If you frequent this blog often, then you’re probably familiar with the format of the articles; long form, very detailed, included examples and at least 3-5 actionable takeaways.

If this is the first post of ours you’re reading, then I welcome you to follow our blog and subscribe to our free email newsletter. I’ve provided myriad tips and strategies to grow a business from online marketing and I’m confident you’ll find value in the time you spend reading the information.

As much as I’d like to include every article we published this past year I won’t do that to you. I’m not a fan of large curated lists as I find them overwhelming. So, to keep things digestible I put together some qualifications to determine which of our articles were “top” post material for the year.

The main qualifications are as follows:

  • Volume of social media engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc)
  • Discussion activity (post comments)
  • Traffic (unique visitors, returning visitors)
  • Backlinks (links from other websites and blogs)
  • Time Sensitivity (still relevant / applicable)

After reviewing all of our articles from this past year – specifically looking for the qualifications and metrics above – I am proud to present our top 5 Internet marketing articles from 2015.

I hope you’re able to apply at least one thing from them to help improve your online marketing in 2016.


imFORZA’s Best Articles of 2015

imFORZA's Top Internet Marketing Articles of 2015


#5 – Facebook Tips from Power User Robert Scoble

Making Facebook BetterFacebook can be a daunting tool to most businesses trying to leverage it for leads or sales. At the same time it can be underwhelming for many users that have grown tired of its repetitive content. Fortunately, there are some extremely useful tips, as provided by Facebook power user Robert Scoble, that can make a massive difference in how you see and use Facebook for your business. VIEW ARTICLE


#4 – Website Pet Peeves: How Guilty is Your Website?

Website Pet PeevesEven the smallest annoyance can cause a prospective customer to leave your website and never look back. After working on thousands of websites I thought it was time to list out some of the pet peeves that consistently drive me, and most other people, away for good. Learn if your website is guilty of these infractions and how to optimize your website for the new year. VIEW ARTICLE


#3 – Video Marketing: Top Tips, Channels, Stats & More

Video MarketingIf you’re not already integrating video content and promotion into your marketing strategy, then you’re behind. Don’t feel bad though as most businesses are in the same position. You can change that though by familiarizing yourself with the top video marketing tips, channels, stats and more. Make it a point to work these elements into your online marketing plan in 2016 – even if it’s in tiny bits as you get comfortable. VIEW ARTICLE


#2 – The DOs and DON’Ts of Local Citations and Business Reviews

Tips on Local Citations, Reviews & Testimonials from imFORZAIf that pesky star rating of your business is sub-par or nonexistent, then this article is for you. Ignoring local search optimization is no longer a marketing trend, but a marketing necessity. Learn how to properly earn positive reviews and even how to leverage them to drive more traffic, gain more customers and take control of your company’s online reputation. VIEW ARTICLE


#1 – 18 Content Promotion Tactics You Should Not Be Skipping

Content PromotionContent, content marketing specifically, might have been the #1 online marketing strategy in 2015…and rightfully so. The problem is that most marketers think that this just consists of creating content. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Learn how to complete the content marketing process by using 18 content promotion tactics that must be used to see results from your content development efforts. VIEW ARTICLE

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Will Your Business Grow in 2016?

This past year’s Internet marketing articles provided us with a lot of new visitors, customers and insights about our business and our readers.

In turn, I hope that the information provided over the last 12 months has helped you optimize your online marketing strategy and plan an even more effective one for the upcoming year.

In 2016, we plan on continuing our focus on content development to build our business and to also help you improve yours.

I thank you for your continued support and readership and look forward to finding new tips to share and to building new relationships in the new year.

As always, if you ever need help – outside of our blog posts – then we encourage you to reach out. You’ll be glad you did.

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