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Vinny La Barbera
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Vinny La Barbera

Do you need some new, or better, ways to identify target keywords for your Internet marketing efforts?

There is no shortage of keyword research tools and sometimes Google itself can be your best bet for identifying new keyword opportunities.

Google’s results are constantly changing though to meet the demand of how users want and need to search and what types of results they prefer to see. So, many of the traditional keyword research tools that have been staples for years have become singularly focused, which can leave ripe opportunities out of sight.

This is where Wondersearch comes in.

Wondersearch - Keyword Research Tool

Source: Free Keyword Tool for Semantic Related Keywords – WonderSearch

Wondersearch, a new semantically related keyword research tool, does the following…

It scrapes Google for people also search forpeople also ask, and (coming very soon), the brand new, topics they write about (for authors and publications).

The result is a helpful list of only semantically related keywords surrounding the topic you’re planning to target. The tool then couples the keyword list with the usual AdWords data such as search volume, cost per click and difficulty.

As search results continue to change and organic positioning becomes increasingly more competitive it’s vital that your online marketing strategy has a strong process in place to identify all types of keywords, not just the main head terms that you think people search for. This tool, to me, is already a must-have for any keyword research toolbox and I’m sure it will only get even better.

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