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Is Your IDX Broker Platinum Account Already Optimized?

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Audit Tool FAQ

We have found that IDX Broker (specifically Platinum) is one of the best IDX solutions available to real estate agents and brokers. However, to really leverage it for branding, traffic and leads you need to either know how to optimize it or you need to be working with a developer who does. In either case, this tool is meant to give you (or your developer) a quick and simple report of whether or not your IDX Broker account is taking advantage of some of the optimization features available to you. We would, of course, love to have you engage our team to help you optimize your account, but the primary purpose of this tool is to keep you informed while helping you maximize your investment in IDX Broker's platform. 
Yes. This tool is specifically built for customers that have an active IDX Broker Platinum or Lite account. If and when we come up with a tool for prospective IDX Broker customers, then we will be sure to get it on our site for you to use. Until should go signup for IDX Broker!
Our IDX Broker Audit Tool is (currently) a free resource for anyone with an IDX Broker Platinum or Lite account. If you've already used the tool, have received your results and now need someone to explain what they mean, then we'd love to help. Our time, like yours, is valuable though so depending on how much help you need we may ask that one of our services are used to cover the time we spend with you. Our options are flexible and come with no obligation so let us know if you're interested and we'll be happy to provide the next steps.
What started as an internal tool for our team to better optimize our client accounts turned into something that we thought the whole IDX Broker community could benefit from. As an IDX Broker Developer Partner we're always looking for ways to push the limits with what IDX Broker and its API can do. This audit tool is (currently) being offered for free as it allows us to test and develop new and exciting ways to use the data that IDX Broker provides per account and per MLS. Your participation and feedback on the tool is appreciated.
You can find your IDX Broker account API key by logging into your account and then navigating to HOME and then API Key Control. On this page you'll find your key in a green box. Just copy it from here and paste it into whatever you need to use it for.