Website Security

We take WordPress website security very seriously as you trust us and your website visitors trust you.

Threat Detection and Blocking

With our threat detection and blocking we assure your site stays secure from the everyday threats.

DDoS Protection

The frequency and strength of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise. At imFORZA we have all the checks in place to keep your site protected.

Automatic Backups

Mistakes and errors happen, but with daily automatic backups you know your site is safe, and can be recovered quickly if needed.


DNSSEC is the Internet’s non-spoofable caller ID. It guarantees a web application’s traffic is safely routed to the correct servers so that a site’s visitors are not intercepted by a hidden “man-in-the-middle” attacker.

Hack Fix Guarantee

We have hardware firewalls, active and passive security, and other advanced features to prevent access to your data. But if your site is compromised, we’ll fix it for free.

Free Automated SSL Certificate

We install a free, fully-automated Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to any WordPress install for added security, speed, and SEO improvement.

Nothing is more important to us than the security of your website.

We monitor your sites every minute for uptime, have very tight restrictions in place, detect DDoS attacks as they happen, and proactively stop malicious code from entering our network.

Secure your brand’s online presence

We provide a full service approach to keeping your website running smoothly and safely.