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Content Questionnaire General

  • Style
    Choosing a writing style can better reflect your approach as a company, as well as your personality. The following questions will help us understand how to compose the SEO articles for your website:
    These questions will help us understand who you are so that we can help you stand out from the pack.
    For the following questions, answer as though you are speaking to a prospective client. No need to spend too much time writing involved answers – brief, yet specific answers will help us greatly to mention what you consider to be important facets of your community and your business approach.
    In line with your SEO project, we are going to set-up your Google Analytics and Google Local Business listing. Do you have an existing Gmail account that we can use? If so, please provide the Gmail address and password below. If not, we ask that you please set up a Gmail account that we can have access to in order to set up these items.

  • Lastly, please complete the information below. These details will be used to help optimize your site for local searches.