Jennifer Beaver

Front-End Designer/Developer

I started my career in technology after transitioning from education to web design in 2018. After landing my first contract position as a designer at Stylebee, a bespoke beauty application for the Bay Area, I became interested in how to make designs come to life and became a freelance contractor while getting my full-stack development certificate from Flatiron school. 

During this period, I was able to travel and live a remote lifestyle in Europe and Asia. I had the opportunity to be mentored by developers and designers in the European-based design agency, Futurecorp, and shadow a variety of projects ranging from high-end fashion to influencers to networking agencies to small businesses.  During COVID, I took a break from my travels and nomadic work lifestyle to work at Antarestech, the creator of Auto-Tune, as a junior cloud engineer where I got the opportunity to work on a widely used international product. 

I care deeply about creating useful and beautiful products that help people and make a difference and will use all of my expertise to build a world-class website from ideation to development.

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