Online Marketing Tips for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Vinny La Barbera

Looking to crowdfund your next project or product release?

Before you plan your entire launch around a crowdfunding campaign you need to make sure that you have an online marketing strategy in place or your campaign could fail miserably.

To help meet, and surpass, your funding goals we have put together a detailed infographic of the most effective online marketing tips for successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Online Marketing Tips for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Wait, What’s Crowdfunding Again?

Entrepreneurs and innovators look primarily to traditional funding methods to get their businesses and products off the ground. These usually consist of personal funding, angel investments, venture capital and/or good old credit cards and bank loans.

For the more adventurous and creative types, there’s another option – crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Definition


Crowdfunding, although relatively new, has proven its validity as a way for a new product, project or business to enter the marketplace in one of the most accelerated fashions we’ve seen yet.

As a matter of fact, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms available to date, Kickstarter, has already surpassed over $1 Billion in crowdfunded campaigns – in less than 5 years!

Kickstarter $1B


There’s Always a Catch…So, What is it?

Yes, crowdfunding has been extremely popular….and successful for quite a few businesses.

What hasn’t gotten as much publicity though is the fact that unsuccessfully crowdfunded campaigns have failed miserably. And even many of the ones that met or surpassed their funding goals have seemed to go under faster than their campaigns were able to get funded.

So, the “catch” is this….

Crowdfunding campaigns are only as successful as the buzz (i.e. marketing) created and maintained around them.

Of course the creativity, necessity and ingenuity of the products or projects being presented plays a huge role, but like with any other business or product launch, if no one knows about it, then it can’t succeed.

Successfully Funded Campaigns Start with Effective Online Marketing

Below is an infographic we put together based off some interesting research we did on successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns. This research turned out to be really enlightening for us….hopefully it has the same effect on you.

In addition to the real life examples included within our findings you will discover some of the most effective online marketing strategies to ensure that your crowdfunding campaign exceeds its funding goals.

These include tips on how to:

  1. Build a reputation
  2. Make your project worth sharing
  3. Help your campaign go “viral”
  4. Start marketing months before launch
  5. Entice people to share / promote your campaign
  6. Choose the right crowdfunding platform
  7. Properly design your landing page for maximum effectiveness
  8. Set realistic expectations

We came across some incredible stories, good and bad, and can’t wait to share them with you. We hope you enjoy the information as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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Online Marketing Tips for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns [INFOGRAPHIC]


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