Email Marketing

Email Marketing by imFORZA

Enticing, well-timed email messages can be more effective than any other form of marketing.

With how fast technology is evolving, it is a little surprising that the original form of online communication, email, is still the most prevalent. Even with the growing trend of social media use, email still reigns as the most common activity by computer users.

How Are You Reaching Your Customers and Prospects via Email?

We spend a large portion of our days checking, reading, and writing emails. We also spend a good portion of that time deleting and ignoring many email messages we get. If a message is not correctly targeted to us or does not properly communicate what we may be interested in, then we are quickly moving on to the next. This low tolerance for email distraction makes it very difficult for businesses to really reach their customers and prospectsunless you’re following these steps for effective email marketing.

How Can imFORZA Help You with Email Marketing?

A really effective email marketing campaign can be a business’ best friend. Highly targeted, well-timed email messages to a properly segmented contact database can easily produce higher returns than any other form of marketing you may be using.

Getting a campaign of this sort can be challenging though as lots of testing, time and refinement are needed. Fortunately for you, imFORZA has worked on hundreds of email marketing campaigns and can quickly get your campaign running effectively. Whether you have no contacts or a million contacts, we can help you implement an email marketing strategy that will deliver results.

Ask us how to help you generate more business with an effective email marketing campaign.