Have you thought about how artificial intelligence (i.e. robots) might impact your business in the coming months / years?

I hope so, as the rise of artificial intelligence is undeniable in the digital marketing world. In just the past few years, artificial intelligence has already started to make us think about what can and should be delegated to automation controlled by AI.

In this article I will explain how online marketing with artificial intelligence will allow you to drive better results through more quantified and automated strategies. More companies than ever — from Google and Facebook to your aunt’s crafting business — are turning to AI to improve their business and marketing tactics and I hope to help you do so as well.

Online Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

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Have you found it increasingly more difficult to get the right exposure for your local business in Google’s search results?

If you’ve been employing a comprehensive local SEO strategy coupled with an aggressive local advertising campaign, then you’re probably reaping the rewards of establishing a strong local presence on Google. However, if you are not doing either of these things then you can be certain that getting any type of exposure towards the top of Google’s desktop or mobile search results pages is going to be a long, expensive, arduous process.

On this front, Google has obviously realized the impact of mobile and the demand for timely local search results so they are going to make it a bit easier for local businesses to get much better positioning within mobile and map search results.

This news is very positive for all local businesses, especially those that heavily rely on having a strong presence in Google’s map search and mobile search results.

Big Changes Coming to Google AdWords to Benefit Local BusinessesSource: Google makes big changes to its ad products 

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Do you want your website search results to display as prominently and visually appealing as possible?

If you’re not sure how to answer that I am going to go ahead and answer “Absolutely!” for you. The more your website’s search results stand out on a search results page, especially on mobile devices, the more likely it is that users will get to your website.

With Google’s Rich Cards release, your mobile search results now have an opportunity to grab the majority of click throughs. By ensuring that your website properly supports Schema markup you give your website a chance to showcase some very enticing search results.

Although this initial announcement is specific to mobile search results pages it could make its way to desktop search results as well. In other words, optimizing your website’s code to use / support Schema just became a much bigger priority.

Google's Rich Cards

Source: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Introducing rich cards

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Feeling overwhelmed with the latest technology, trends and tactics that relate to the growth of mobile?

Most companies do, even ones with large teams dedicated to focusing on the company’s mobile strategy.

As if you didn’t have enough on your plate, one thing you need to be making ample time for is the optimization of your website and its content for your mobile users.

In an effort to provide some support, this article will update you on the latest mobile trends (specifically related to publishing), explain how these affect your online marketing strategies and what steps you should take next. Conforming to these trends is quickly becoming a matter of survival, much as having a mobile-friendly site is no longer optional. I hope to leave you armed with the tools to prepare yourself for a publishing renaissance that could lead to a boom in traffic and engagement — or leave you out in the cold.

Mobile Publishing: Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News & Google AMP

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Want to make your content more accessible on the world’s largest social network?

I’m hoping that you’re nodding your head “yes” because you should. With almost 2B people using Facebook, most of those from a mobile device, your content needs to be quick loading and easy to access from the world’s largest social network.

The news below, announced by Facebook, is great news to publishers of all sizes.

With Facebook Instant Articles, Facebook users will have a much smoother, quicker experience accessing content from compatible websites. This is a must-have for any business or publisher looking to broaden the reach and effectiveness of their site’s content.

Facebook Instant Articles Available to All Publishers
Today at F8 we are officially opening the Instant Articles program to all publishers—of any type, any size, anywhere in the world.

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Are you trying to get exposure on the first page of Google’s search results?

I’m guessing you are, as most individuals and companies would / should be. Unfortunately, hitting that first page is going to get a lot more difficult…even if you’re paying for ads.

The news below, announced by Search Engine Land and confirmed by Google, finds Google simplifying their search results pages by removing the right hand sidebar ads (aka gutter ads).

This means that there are now even less opportunities above the fold to get exposure on a search results page. In addition, this makes the top 3 ad spots, any top local search results and any top organic search results even more valuable.

Google Removes Sidebar Ads

Source: Google Removes Right Hand Sidebar Ads – Search Engine Journal

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Are your prospects and customers not responding to your content marketing efforts?

The issue might not be the substance or information you’re providing, but rather the format in which you’re delivering those messages. It’s probably time to start looking at visual storytelling as a medium for communicating your brand’s message.

Visual storytelling for Internet marketing is about captivating audiences with interesting tales in the same way filmmakers and novelists do. Arm yourself with this comprehensive guide before you start planning your next content marketing campaign. You might just start to see that needle move in the right direction.

Visual Storytelling for Internet Marketing

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This past year was filled with some really detailed and actionable internet marketing articles. Did you happen to catch a few?

If not, then you should find this post helpful as I’ve rounded up some of our top internet marketing articles from 2015 and put them into one simple place for you. Consider this your holiday reading list. Instead of having to turn in a book report at the end though you get to try out some of the tips that I’ve written about to help grow your business.

So, check out the top 5 internet marketing articles of ours from this past year. You’ll be sure to find at least 7-10 actionable things you can do to get your marketing strategy on the right track in 2016.

Top imFORZA Internet Marketing Articles of 2015

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Do you still think that WordPress is just a blogging platform?

Many people do. It’s become so much more though.

The latest data from W3Techs reports that WordPress now powers 1 in 4 websites on the web. Of all of the most popular content management systems, WordPress is the technology behind over 58% of them.

This tremendous growth is really no surprise as WordPress has become the most effective combination of ease of use, scalability, documentation and SEO capability. For these reasons, and many others, we have chosen WordPress as our CMS of choice and the one we use to build 99.9% of the websites that we design and develop here at imFORZA.

If you’re curious about the data, then definitely check out the report below to learn more.

WordPress Powers 1 in 4 Websites
One in four websites is now powered by WordPress.
Source: WordPress now powers 25% of the Web

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