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Did you miss out on some of the best Internet marketing articles from this past year?

There were a ton of great marketing tips, hints and hacks published in 2014 and we like to think that some of ours made the list of the most useful ones. For that reason we have compiled a roundup of our own top Internet marketing articles for 2014 that we hope you find helpful.

Give them a read and try to implement at least one thing from these articles as you carry out your online marketing strategy in 2015.

List of Top Internet Marketing Articles from imFORZA (2014)

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Are you frustrated with the lack of responses and results from your marketing efforts?

Unless your marketing campaign results have hockey-sticked  over the past 12 months, then chances are that you’re missing a very important step – persona building.

In this article you will find a complete and detailed persona building guide to help yield better, longer-lasting results from your online marketing efforts.

Persona Building by imFORZA

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Looking to crowdfund your next project or product release?

Before you plan your entire launch around a crowdfunding campaign you need to make sure that you have an online marketing strategy in place or your campaign could fail miserably.

To help meet, and surpass, your funding goals we have put together a detailed infographic of the most effective online marketing tips for successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Online Marketing Tips for Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Is a tight budget preventing you from marketing your business online?

If you have a business without the financial resources for anything outside of essential operating costs, then you probably answered ‘yes’ to this question.

Fortunately for you there are still ways to do effective Internet Marketing on a budget and we’re going to tell you how.

Internet Marketing on a Budget
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Overwhelmed by all of the Internet marketing articles that have been published this year? Not quite sure which ones to read and which ones to skip?

We know how you feel and for this reason we have compiled one simple list of our own top Internet marketing articles from 2013.

These are articles that not only provide lots of useful advice, but also tips that can continue to be applied to your online marketing efforts going into the new year.

List of Top Internet Marketing Articles from imFORZA (2013)

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When was the last time you took a step back to analyze your current online marketing strategy? What questions do you ask yourself to make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts?

If you’re like most busy professionals or business owners, then we’d probably guess that it’s been quite some time since you took a good look at where you’ve been investing your time and effort.

To help we have put together a useful infographic outlining 5 questions to optimize your online marketing strategy.

Online Marketing Strategy Optimization

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Having a hard time competing against other brands in your space? Worse yet, is your company unable to attract repeat business from the customers you once acquired?

Whether you realize it or not, these are very common issues that many businesses face. Fortunately, there is a simple way to start turning things around.

In this article we are going to explain how just saying thank you can help a struggling business improve their online exposure, revitalize their brand image and win back the very customers that they once impressed.

Thank You

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Are you skeptical about being able to keep up with that big company that pops up everywhere online? Do you think it’s impossible to gain online market share against your biggest competitors? If you’re a small to medium sized business, then chances are pretty good that you or your marketing team have expressed these feelings at some point.

In this article we are going to show you how to compete online against large companies and brands by finding, analyzing and recognizing opportunities to beat them.

How Small Business Can Compete Online

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Are you finally getting around to planning out your online marketing strategy for the year? Or are you trying to re-strategize your existing online marketing plan? Before you do either you need to make sure you have answers to some very important questions.

In this article we are going to cover 6 online marketing strategy questions that you MUST answer before spending any time or money marketing your business online.

Online Marketing Strategy Questions

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