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#imTOOLS: SparkScore – Twitter Influence Measurement Tool

Stop basing your Twitter outreach efforts on just follower counts and start paying more attention to actual influence. SparkScore from SparkToro will help you do just this by giving you the true influence of the users you should be targeting. Learn more about this tool.

#imTOOLS: Wondersearch – Keyword Research Tool

Expand your keyword research process to identify all opportunities that could bring you better traffic and more conversions with this handy semantically related keyword research tool from Wondersearch. Learn more about the tool and how to work it into your toolbox.

Online Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Have you thought about how artificial intelligence (i.e. robots) might impact your business in the coming months / years? I hope so, as the rise of artificial intelligence is undeniable in…

Mobile Publishing Trends That Will Impact Your Online Marketing Strategy

Feeling overwhelmed with the latest technology, trends and tactics that relate to the growth of mobile? Most companies do, even ones with large teams dedicated to focusing on the company’s mobile strategy. As…

Wearable Technology and Its Impact on Internet Marketing

Is your brand ready to leverage the boom of wearable technology? Wearable technology is already impacting the future of Internet marketing and thus, advertisers are investing resources to stay ahead…

Online Marketing Tips for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns [INFOGRAPHIC]

Looking to crowdfund your next project or product release? Before you plan your entire launch around a crowdfunding campaign you need to make sure that you have an online marketing…

The Best Mac Apps for Online Marketing

Are you leveraging your Mac to aid your online marketing efforts? Want to be able to use Mac apps to really streamline some of those tasks? If you’re a busy…

The Perfect Toolbox of iOS Apps for Online Marketing

Have you been looking for ways to use your iPhone or iPad to help with your online marketing efforts? Want to be able to market your business like a pro…