Hilton & Hyland

Hilton & Hyland is synonymous with luxury real estate and so their online presence had to follow suit. Coming off of a limited website platform, the premier real estate firm needed to move to something as cutting edge and technologically sound as their own firm.

Upon completion of multiple creative meetings, design concepts and technical specification planning sessions, our team at imFORZA put together one of the most advanced custom real estate WordPress websites on the web. The design, giving off a feeling of the luxury lifestyle that Hilton & Hyland agents help their customers live, acts as an effective representation of what the firm exudes. The technical infrastructure of the website, carefully planned and coded, allows for constant scale as the firm continues to land and market the most luxurious properties in the world.

This website, one we are extremely proud of, is just the first iteration of what’s to come for Hilton & Hyland’s online home and yet another one of our marquis WordPress projects.

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