IDX Broker Platinum


IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange and is a type of data feed provided by a multiple listing service. This feed mirrors information that is available on an MLS website and IDX Broker connects to this MLS feed and provides an html link and widgets that can be included in a website.

The plugin requires an IDX Broker Platinum account in order to be installed in a website, and we highly recommend the service to real estate agents looking to implement an MLS feed into their website. The plugin only requires a month-to-month commitment from users so there is no long-term obligation.

The benefits of implementing IDX Broker Platinum into your professional WordPress website are numerous. The main benefit is that this plugin is extremely SEO-friendly and it has various simple, yet powerful features. Mobile-friendly layouts, email updates, property updates, fast loading pages, instant results and custom domains are all available through this plugin.

If you are a real estate agent interested in enhancing your online presence consider signing up for IDX Broker Platinum. A professional, clean and functional website will instantly generate new leads and more clients for your business. We also offer numerous supplementary services such as content marketing, social media marketing and much more in order to help you meet your business and marketing goals.

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