Lead-Generating Real Estate Websites

Lead-Generating Real Estate Websites by imFORZA

Learn more about each of our lead-generating real estate website options built on WordPress…

WordPress Website

A great choice for those that need a great-looking website launched in less time.

A quick, affordable option for any real estate agent, team, or brokerage looking to upgrade their online presence with a simple, effective website.

$5,000 + $75/mo

  • Pre-Designed WordPress Theme
  • Optimized for SEO, Performance, & Accessibility
  • Work with a dedicated project manager
  • Launch in a month
Premium Real Estate Website Option from imFORZA

WordPress Website

The best solution for those that want to set the standard for an optimal real estate website.

The perfect option for a real estate agent, team, or brokerage that wants a uniquely designed website built specifically, from scratch, to stand out.

Starts at $10,000 + $125/mo

  • Custom Designed/Built WordPress Theme
  • Optimized for SEO, Performance, & Accessibility
  • Work with a dedicated project team
  • Launch in 2-3 months
Custom Real Estate Website Option from imFORZA

The 6 Step Checklist for Real Estate Success



Branding is more than just a logo. It’s how you want your prospects and clients to remember you. It’s your messaging and your lasting impression on them. If you’re serious about building your real estate business, then you need a strong, personal brand.



Build a Website for Your Audience, Not Your Ego

Your real estate website’s main purpose should be to help your visitors find the properties and information they need. If it’s anything other than that, then don’t expect it to generate business for you. A solid balance of content, design, accessibility and usability is the best solution.



Give Visitors a Reason to Skip Zillow

Real estate agents have one of the best sources of data and sets of tools at their disposal with IDX, but few use this properly. Great IDX solutions allow you to leverage MLS data to generate traffic and leads. Use IDX to make your website a better destination than Zillow for buyers and sellers.



Use Tech to Nurture and Convert Leads

Every agent, team, and/or broker needs to be using a CRM if they’re serious about building a long-lasting real estate business. Which one you use doesn’t make a difference, as long as you use it. A good CRM will help you nurture and convert leads with consistent, valuable follow-up.



Attract New Clients and Retain Existing Ones

Even the best website will be a ghost town without smart, creative online marketing strategies to bring people to it. Create, distribute, and promote unique and useful content to drive new prospects to your website and to keep your current clients interested in your services.



Collect and Analyze Your Data

If you’ve checked off everything on this list, then you will be collecting a ton of incredibly useful data about your prospects, clients, and your business. Don’t just sit on that information though; regularly analyze it and you will spot opportunities to drastically improve and grow your business.

Ready to stop doing what everyone else does?

Turn your website into a fast, secure, user-friendly lead generation machine with our exclusive add-ons.

Give your website visitors the tools and features they need to find the property that they want. Our IDX Broker Platinum integration is just what your site needs to become a lead generation machine.

We take website performance, speed, security, and uptime very seriously. Let our team of hosting and WordPress maintenance experts manage your site’s infrastructure for the best possible results.

If you’re not building a strong personal brand, then your buyers and sellers will forget about you. Our branding experts specialize in building memorable real estate brands that leave lasting impressions.

Realtor Experiences with imFORZA

  • Myke Leatham

    Myke Leatham

    I’m grateful for the people who have helped me over the years at imFORZA. Thank you for every single minute you focus on my website!

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  • David Fetveit

    David Fetveit

    imFORZA has been hosting my website for years and we recently engaged them to do a complete re-design. They stayed on task and delivered exactly what they promised on schedule and budget. They are pros at WordPress and IDX!

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  • Colin Jans

    Colin Jans

    We had the pleasure of working with Brandon Emmons on a new website for our real estate brokerage. Brandon and the imFORZA team were organized, communicated well and made the process very easy. Highly recommend and will use them in the future.

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  • Nancy Sanborn

    Nancy Sanborn

    We have a very specific real estate business. We were working with several different website and marketing companies, and it became clear to us after many untold hours and untold money, they really didn’t understand our business and our web marketing needs. We found imFORZA and felt immediately that they…

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Real Estate Websites that WOW

We design and build real estate WordPress websites with a purpose. Before you decide to spend marketing dollars driving traffic to your real estate website it is absolutely crucial that your website is well-branded, has a user-friendly design, and has the ability to convert visitors to leads.

Don’t settle for anything less.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Search our knowledge base and read how-to articles and guides for all your imFORZA needs.

Real Estate Websites

Why do you use WordPress for real estate websites?

We love WordPress for many reasons, but its flexibility might be the top one. Perhaps no stat supports this better than its massive adoption and usage across the web as it powers over 40% of the websites on the Internet. In addition to being able to mold it into whatever we or our clients need, WordPress is constantly being improved upon by its massive community of developers (including us). For these reasons and many more, we’ve aligned ourselves with WordPress and will continue to push the envelope with what it can do, especially for real estate websites.

How are your websites different or better than other real estate website companies?

We are an online marketing agency first and foremost. So, this means that when we design and build real estate websites we are thinking about, from day one, how the website will attract visitors and how it will convert those visitors into leads. These things are usually afterthoughts in the real estate website design process, which is something we just don’t believe to be the best way to ensure that a site gets results. On top of the value you get from a marketing-minded team building the best experience for your site’s visitors, you also get an impactful design on a user-friendly platform that has the best chance to generate leads for you.

Do you offer real estate marketing services as well or just websites?

Yes, absolutely. This is our forte. We know how to properly plan, build, and market a real estate website so that it earns and attracts traffic that has the best chance of converting for our clients. Whether you just want to run a one-off campaign or you want to retain our team to be your outsourced online marketing department, we can help you compete in your market.

What kind of results can I expect from your real estate websites?

We, of course, can’t guarantee any specific results as every situation, website, business, etc is different. However, we’re so confident in our experience and ability to create purposeful real estate websites that can generate leads we’re willing to stand behind our promise that your imFORZA website will outperform your current one. Or, if it’s your first website, then we promise that it will be set up properly to give you the best chance to generate leads for your business.