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We take pride in the details that most customers will never see or care to look at.

WordPress powers almost a third of the sites on the web for a reason. It works - for any business. This, among many other reasons, is why we have and will continue to push the limits of WordPress for ourselves and our customers.

We know that what you care about most is what impacts the bottom line of your business. This is why we hold ourselves and the code we push out to the highest standards possible. Having a cleanly built site that follows best practices is a standard, not a goal.

We are human, we make mistakes like everyone else. This is why we take our WordPress development processes very seriously. They help to reduce errors and prevent any one mix up from happening more than once.

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you want to add a unique tool for your visitors to use or you just want a beautiful looking site, imFORZA will do it all.

We know how important it is for businesses to provide visitors with an elegant and unique experience. With a custom WordPress theme, you can control every aspect of the look and feel of your site.

  • Customize entire look and feel.

  • Brand your website.

  • Make your online presence as unique as your business.

With a custom WordPress Plugin you will be able to do anything from adding a custom tool to integrating your website to a 3rd party data service.

  • Customize your website functionality.

  • Modularize your functionality, independant of its look and feel.

  • Add value to your visitors experience.

A complete solution combines all of the benefits and features of a custom theme and plugin.

  • Full control of website look, feel, and functionality.

  • Fine tune your user experience.

  • Create a completely unique website.

Our Process

Having a development process is important to assure everything we release is of high quality.

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  • Learn

    Before we start any project we work with all of our clients to learn everything that we need to know to best serve you.

  • Design

    Before any code gets written we plan every detail and submit all our designs for you to review.

  • Create

    Once all designs have been approved, our developers take to their keyboards and start building out the website.

  • Review

    We pride ourselves in meeting all of our clients expectations. Before the site goes live, we review all of our work and make sure that you are satisfied with your new site.

  • Launch

    Only after we've made sure all of our T's have been crossed and our I's are dotted, the site goes live.

Why build your website with imFORZA?

Core Contributors

Several of our developers have contributed to WordPress core, this is something that many other agencies can't say.

Plugin Contributors

Jetpack, Yoast SEO, sound familiar? Our developers have helped contribute to these large plugins which run on millions of WordPress websites.

Solid Foundation

The framework you decide to build your online business on is one of the most important decisions you can make. We’ve taken the guesswork out of this for you by leveraging WordPress to act as the backbone of your online presence.

Mobile Responsive

With 51% of global web traffic orginating from mobile devices, it's no mystery that the world is going mobile and your site should too. At imFORZA we follow a mobile first design strategy so that every website we launch is mobile ready from the start.

Open Source

Building on WordPress, an open source platform, is something not everyone understands. We have been working with Open Source from the beginning, and believe in contributing on a regular basis to the community.

Built In Optimization

WordPress is one of, if not the most, SEO friendly website frameworks around. Spend less time learning and implementing basic SEO tactics and more time creating new compelling content that tells engages and converts visitors.

Start getting results online.

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