Brandon Emmons


Web Strategist

Born and raised in Long Beach, I attended Wilson High School and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Long Beach.

Working in the hospitality industry to put myself through college while studying communications, I learned I had a natural ability to connect and relate with other individuals.  Attributes such as this make my position as a consultant exciting as I enjoy helping others achieve their goals, while providing a warmer experience for our clients and prospects.

When I’m not strategizing about online marketing plans or advising on website design, I like to stay active.  Whether it’s playing baseball on Sundays, throwing the football at the beach, or playing a round of golf with friends, I enjoy athletics and being outdoors!

Primary Roles:

Website Development, Account Management, Website Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Content Production and Editorial.

Other Roles:

Keeping the office clean and reminding everyone it’s okay to have fun at work!

Favorite Quote:

“Things take time, and time takes things, so be careful, remember to work as a team, and always strive to be happy.”

– Dad

Best Words to Describe Me:

Selfless, Conscientious, Fastidious, Logical, Principled

    Brandon Emmons

    Web Strategist