Julie Kasparian

Front-End Designer/Developer

Growing up in Los Angeles, CA, my interest in web design and development grew out of my childhood passion for creativity and art. As I got older, my artistic sensibilities took a more technical turn when I discovered that I could use my creativity to build functional projects through programming. So it became inevitable that I would eventually be led down a career path that combines both art and technology like web design and development do.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from California State University, Los Angeles, I set out to pursue a career in front-end development. This led me to join imFORZA as a Front-End Designer/Developer, where I am given the opportunity to further improve my creative and technical abilities by helping to create amazing websites that positively impact companies.

In general, I am really passionate about creating a great visual experience for web users. There are so many websites with valuable information that can be accessed on the Internet, and having the ability to design and build these websites makes me feel like I am making a difference, even in such a small way of choosing the right color palette to hold a user’s attention.

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