Vinny La Barbera




I was raised and schooled in Southern California. After attaining my BS and MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California I jumped right into the online marketing industry.

After racking up over 20 years of experience in Internet Marketing and Web Development I decided to take a division I started for a local Web Design firm and break it off into its own entity. This was June 2010 and this entity came to be known as imFORZA.

When I’m not working with my amazing team at imFORZA you will probably find me traveling, reading, playing with some new gadget or application and/or trying to help others turn their ideas into tangible, successful realities.

Favorite Quote

“Money can buy you happiness…if you spend it on someone else”

“Give more than you take”

“This, too, shall pass”

Best Words to Describe Me

Ambitious, Perfectionist, Methodical, Techie, Early Adopter

Vinny La Barbera