If you are an avid social media enthusiast then you are most likely familiar with the following tips already. If not, then check out these 7 Simple Social Marketing Tips to help you grow your follower / fan base on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing Tips

  • Always try to include a link to a source / web page that supports your Twitter / Facebook update
  • Try to avoid any negative posts / updates
  • Asking questions is a great way to get people to converse with you
  • Use hash tags to help people find your posts (example: #realestate and #technology)
  • Link back to your website / blog as much as possible. Your content for your posts should originate from your website / blog whenever possible
  • Follow people with a lot of followers and eventually try to engage them / converse with them
  • Don’t let days / weeks go by before you post something. Consistency and frequency is important.

Do you have any simple tips that have worked well for you that we should add to this list? If so, then please leave them in the comments box below.