Rethinking Google Places Ranking Factors [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Vinny La Barbera

Have you not been able to get your local business to rank in the top spots for Google’s local search results?

You may be spending a lot of time working on these positions, but you may very well could be spending time and resources on the wrong strategies for your specific business.

To make the best use of your time we’ve put together a helpful infographic to show you how Google Places ranking factors differ per industry and how you can implement the best ones for your business.

Google Local Places Ranking Factors

Local Search is the New Black

If you run a local business, then it is absolutely essential that your business is extremely easy to find online. And since the majority of searches still happen on Google, then that means that your business must take up as much real estate as possible on each search results page.

Besides the obvious paid search or organic search results, the local search results are arguably the most important positions for your business to have a strong presence in.

The reason why is simple….your customers are ALWAYS on their mobile devices. Local search results are typically the most relevant and helpful results for a person searching for something from their mobile device.

So, how do you get your business in those coveted local search results?

Our infographic below is going to answer this question, but as an added bonus here’s a quick tip that we continue to see work very well for local businesses trying to establish their local search presence – online and offline.

Provide great customer service. Yep, that’s it. Think about it this way…if your customers receive such an amazing experience every time they contact you or step into your business, then you can bet that they will go out of their way to tell someone else about it (e.g. post positive reviews online). This tip is always such an obvious one, but so many businesses fail to prioritize this strategy properly.


Now, Let’s Revisit Those Google Places Ranking Factors…

Every few months someone comes out with a great list of ranking factors for Google Places (here’s one of our favorites).

These resources can be incredibly helpful, but they also can be very overwhelming for most local businesses.

Not only do they require quite a bit of knowledge in the local search space, but they involve a good bit of time and resources to carry out. Instead of businesses focusing on things like improving their customer service they eat up resources trying to meet every single ranking factor.

This is not only an improper use of limited time, but it can also be ineffective depending on the nature of your business.

Using the Ranking Factors That Apply Best to Your Business

Below is an infographic we put together based off of some interesting research we did on local search ranking factors across a few very competitive industries.

In addition to the real life examples included within our findings you will discover some of the most effective strategies to help your specific business build its local online presence.

Hopefully you find it useful. If so, then we would love for you to SHARE IT or EMBED IT ON YOUR SITE so that others can benefit from it as well.

Rethinking Google Places Ranking Factors [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Focusing on a Few of the Right Factors

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