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Vinny La Barbera

Founder / CEO

primary roles
Leadership, business development, strategic direction, creative oversight, marketing and content development.

other roles
Proving that a 4am wake up time is completely normal, turning everyone into Apple fan boys / girls and continuing a mission to eradicate Microsoft Office.

Meet Vinny

Janis Jenks

Director of Finance

primary roles
Billing, cash flow management, human resources and office management.

other roles
Keeping the company lemon tree alive, planning company events and convincing everyone that drinks that taste like the earth are delicious.

Meet Janis


Alison Baker

Senior Project Manager

primary roles
Project management, operational organization, strategic input and social media.

other roles
Tolerating Daniel’s daily jokes, passively controlling all alpha personalities and downloading viruses.

Meet Alison


Mike Royer

UI / Web Designer

primary roles
Client web design, internal web design, brand management and creative direction.

other roles
Maintaining a solid doodle portfolio, reminding everyone how important cereal and sandwiches are and trolling Reddit for useless knowledge and welcomed laughs.

Meet Mike

Brandon Hubbard

Web Developer

primary roles
Client web development, internal web development, IT management and functional direction.

other roles
Downloading every Mac app ever made, making everyone else try every Mac ever made and grunting about everyone else’s lazy code.

Meet Brandon

Consult & Support

Robert Newman

Sales Manager

primary roles
Sales management, inbound sales, account management, reseller management and sales growth input.

other roles
Proving that energy drinks and cigars can make an effective breakfast, disregarding warnings about playing music on your headphones too loud and proving that you can never be overdressed.

Meet Robert