Actionable Internet Marketing Quotes

Sometimes we all need a little extra inspiration to keep us moving forward. Relevant, actionable quotes can provide this much needed inspiration – especially when they are specific to our day to day duties.

We have selected some of our favorite actionable Internet Marketing quotes and have coupled them with tips to help you improve your online marketing efforts.


Internet Marketing Quotes that Evoke Action

Quotes can be great for providing some inspiration; however, the best quotes are ones that push us to take action as well. The quotes we have selected below are ones that not only inspire us, but also give us something actionable to takeaway.Jeff Eisenberg Quote

Focus on Conversions First

Most businesses have been guilty of it – wasting money driving traffic to a website that doesn’t convert well. Traffic can be a misleading vanity metric, especially when you have a website that is converting at very low rates. Jeffrey Eisenberg, a recognized pioneer of Internet Marketing strategy, reminds us to focus our attention where it is often needed most – on our website’s conversion rates.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Improve your website through conversion optimization before burning more money driving traffic to it.

Erik Qualman Quote

Optimize Your Social Media

Hopefully by now you understand that social media is no longer something that just teenagers and college students use to socialize online. Instead, it has become a powerful tool for marketing and customer service. Erik Qualman, a respected author and speaker on social media, reiterates the importance of not just using social media, but maximizing and optimizing how we use it.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Make social media an element, not an alternative, of your online marketing strategy, by creating a content and social media delivery schedule to keep you focused and disciplined.

David Meerman Scott Quote

Everything Starts with Great Content

However you want to spin it, content is king. It has been, and it will be continue to be, the most essential element of any successful Internet Marketing strategy. Without quality, unique content your website has very little to differentiate itself from its growing competition. David Meerman Scott, a speaker and #1 best-selling author, brings us back to what web marketing is all about – providing effective content to users when they ask for it.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Invest a considerable amount of time / money each month on developing content (articles, photos, videos, podcasts, slide decks, infographics, etc) that will prove that your business is a relevant, authoritative resource.

Dave Naylor Quote

Tie Everything Together to Build a Brand

Google has done an amazing job of maintaining its reputation as the biggest company you absolutely love, but hate, at the same time. Well, whether you love or hate Google, you can’t ignore the fact the Google still holds the keys to a majority of the channels that businesses need to effectively promote their services online. Dave Naylor, an industry leader in search engine optimization for over 15 years, advises us to do one main thing if we want positive attention from Google – build a brand.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Use a comprehensive online marketing strategy of search engine optimization, social media marketing and paid search marketing to aggressively and effectively build a strong brand online.

Eric Schmidt Quote

Go Where Your Customers Are

For the first time in history more people around the world can listen to other people more easily than ever before. One bad customer service experience is spread to hundreds of thousands of users on Twitter to result in a loss of customers and money. Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman at Google, restates the now obvious fact that online channels are more influential than ever before – and marketers need to leverage them wisely.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Use online reputation management to monitor your brand, SEO to develop your authority and social media to stay involved with your customers where they are.

Putting These Tips to Work

Hopefully some of these actionable Internet Marketing quotes and tips have helped to provide a little inspiration or direction for you. If you’re still having trouble putting some of the pieces together, or just don’t have the time to do so, then we would love to help. To get on the right path to building a stronger brand and a more effective website, a little one on one time can go a long way. Take advantage of our online marketing experts by signing up for a FREE consultation.

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