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Do you have a new business that you’re looking to take online? Or perhaps your existing business is finally getting a proper website up to help it grow? Whether one situation or the other, there are some things that you absolutely should not overlook if you want your website to be effective. In this article we are going to share some very basic, but essential, SEO Tips for Startups.

SEO for Startups

SEO Steps for New Websites

Hopefully by this point you are somewhat familiar with the term, search engine optimization. Assuming that you are (if not, then check out our post on What is SEO?) it should be understood that SEO is not just a one time project, but rather a process that should be engrained in your online marketing strategy for the life of your website. Without quality, consistent SEO your website will eventually become unnoticeable online.

To prevent this from happening, and to not only help your organic presence but to also improve your website’s overall effectiveness, we would like to share a short video from Google. This simple video does a nice job of explaining some of the essential SEO steps that you must take with your website.

If you’re attention span doesn’t last through the whole video, then feel free to skip down to our summarized version below, which outlines our primary takeaways.

Fundamental Ways to Improve Your Website

SEO is not just about trying to get a website ranked in the organic results. It also involves improving the experience your visitors receive so that they have little incentive to go elsewhere.

To get your website on the right path, here are our primary takeaways from the video above – including SEO tips and other tactics that are just as vital for success:

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Choose one version of your URL ( or
  2. Include relevant key phrases naturally in your website copy
  3. Use anchor text links, not “click here”
  4. Do not hire SEO companies that guarantee rankings
  5. Focus on indexable, searchable content
  6. Make sure you rank for your company name

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Tracking & Reporting

  1. Setup Google Webmaster Tools (enable email forwarding for notifications and use “Fetch as Googlebot” to submit new pages)
  2. Install Google Analytics as soon as possible

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Conversion Optimization

  1. Use a strategy in your site’s design and content to meet each different persona (type of visitor)
  2. Define your conversion and make it a clear option on every page
  3. Show customer reviews and let other users submit new reviews
  4. Work towards optimizing page load time (anything longer than 2-3 seconds is too much)

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Social Media Marketing

  1. Provide a great product / service and then generate buzz
  2. Use social media to diversify and promote your content

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SEO is a Process, NOT a Project

Every smart business is vying for the top positions in the search engines and the most exposure across popular social media networks. As a result, the competitive landscape continues to become more challenging and any oversight or cut corner could possibly leave your website far behind.

SEO is not about “magic”, but rather about building your website into an authoritative resource that provides an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are just starting out with SEO or have been trying to improve the effectiveness of your existing efforts, imFORZA can help. We were a startup at one point, beginning from scratch, and know exactly what it takes to build an effective web presence. We would love to use our experience to help your business grow as well.

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