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Have you ever been frustrated by the 140 character limit on Twitter?

Whether you’ve tried to share a marketing message for your brand / company or you just wanted to air your opinion about something you care about you’ve most likely felt the constraints of Twitter’s 140 character limit.

Well, say goodbye to those frustrations…

As of November 7, 2017, Twitter rolled out an update that allows Twitter users to tweet with up to 280 characters instead of the original 140.

The update, in its early stages of release seems to be a bit polarizing. Some users love it while others have expressed their discontent for the new character limit. Whether you personally like it or not, the update was pushed out for a reason – multiple reasons actually.

Twitter Updates to 280 Characters

Source: Tweeting Made Easier

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Are you ready to take your brand live?

I hope so because live video has taken off and it’s not waiting for anyone to catch up.

In this article I am going to compare four of the top live video platforms, share some real life examples of how they’re being leveraged and provide you with some specific tips on how to best integrate live video into your online marketing strategy.

Live Video Online Marketing Strategy

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Do you know how and where your target audience gets their news?

You may not realize it, but many people get their news through Twitter. And, if your target audience falls into the millennial generation, then it’s highly likely that your prospects and customers get the majority of their news from Twitter – at least initially.

Knowing this, Twitter (one of the largest media platforms in the world) has updated its mobile and desktop applications to include curated news for its users.

This new feature is called Twitter Moments and it could prove to be an incredible opportunity for marketers and brands. Twitter Moments is brand new and still rolling out, but we already see a massive opportunity for creative newsjackers and content marketers to leverage Twitter Moments for traffic and audience engagement.

Check out the full story below to learn more about Twitter Moments.

Twitter Moments

Source: Moments, the best of Twitter in an instant

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Has Twitter taken a back seat in your online marketing strategy?

If so, then you might want to start thinking about how to integrate Twitter into your overall game plan.

The news below, announced by Google, states that Google will start including tweets into its search results for users on both its mobile app and desktop / web search results.

This means that your activity on Twitter could very well become an influential part of how you and your business is represented online.

Google Adds Tweets to Search Results

Source: Official Google Blog: Tweets take flight in the Google app

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Have you become skeptical on social media being a viable online marketing option? Have your current social media efforts fallen short of delivering any tangible results?

If you’re starting from scratch, then trying to build a social following can be a frustrating experience…when you don’t have direction.

In this article we are going to provide our tips on growing a social following from scratch so you can start leveraging your social channels to build your business.

Growing a Social Media Following

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Are you ready to start maximizing your social media efforts?

If so, then a great place to start is to customize each of your social media accounts with a professional, memorable design.

In this post you will find a handy cheat sheet [infographic] for you, or your designer, to reference when branding your primary social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing

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Are you looking to get the most out of the time you spend posting updates to Facebook and Twitter? Unless your social media efforts are already fine-tuned and producing results for you, then you may want to read on. In this article we are going to give you some quick, simple advice on how to maximize efforts on the top two social media networks – Facebook and Twitter.

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Posterous, one of the more popular and widely used micro-blogging platforms, has been acquired by Twitter. The platform, and the people, behind Posterous helped it to establish millions of users who actively created tons of content. This news must be very exciting for the team at Posterous, and also for those at Twitter, as the acquisition will most likely bring some fantastic innovations in the coming months and years.

The group of people who may not be so excited about this news though are the users of Posterous – and rightfully so.

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