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Have you become skeptical on social media being a viable online marketing option? Have your current social media efforts fallen short of delivering any tangible results?

If you’re starting from scratch, then trying to build a social following can be a frustrating experience…when you don’t have direction.

In this article we are going to provide our tips on growing a social following from scratch so you can start leveraging your social channels to build your business.

Growing a Social Media Following

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Posterous, one of the more popular and widely used micro-blogging platforms, has been acquired by Twitter. The platform, and the people, behind Posterous helped it to establish millions of users who actively created tons of content. This news must be very exciting for the team at Posterous, and also for those at Twitter, as the acquisition will most likely bring some fantastic innovations in the coming months and years.

The group of people who may not be so excited about this news though are the users of Posterous – and rightfully so.

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