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This past year was filled with some really detailed and actionable internet marketing articles. Did you happen to catch a few?

If not, then you should find this post helpful as I’ve rounded up some of our top internet marketing articles from 2015 and put them into one simple place for you. Consider this your holiday reading list. Instead of having to turn in a book report at the end though you get to try out some of the tips that I’ve written about to help grow your business.

So, check out the top 5 internet marketing articles of ours from this past year. You’ll be sure to find at least 7-10 actionable things you can do to get your marketing strategy on the right track in 2016.

Top imFORZA Internet Marketing Articles of 2015

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Did you miss out on some of the best Internet marketing articles from this past year?

There were a ton of great marketing tips, hints and hacks published in 2014 and we like to think that some of ours made the list of the most useful ones. For that reason we have compiled a roundup of our own top Internet marketing articles for 2014 that we hope you find helpful.

Give them a read and try to implement at least one thing from these articles as you carry out your online marketing strategy in 2015.

List of Top Internet Marketing Articles from imFORZA (2014)

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Having a hard time competing against other brands in your space? Worse yet, is your company unable to attract repeat business from the customers you once acquired?

Whether you realize it or not, these are very common issues that many businesses face. Fortunately, there is a simple way to start turning things around.

In this article we are going to explain how just saying thank you can help a struggling business improve their online exposure, revitalize their brand image and win back the very customers that they once impressed.

Thank You

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Sometimes we all need a little extra inspiration to keep us moving forward. Relevant, actionable quotes can provide this much needed inspiration – especially when they are specific to our day to day duties.

We have selected some of our favorite actionable Internet Marketing quotes and have coupled them with tips to help you improve your online marketing efforts.


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Have you optimized your website for better results recently? Do you even know where to start? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, then we want to help.

In this article we are going to outline the top 10 ways to improve a website for better lead / sales conversions. We will show you where to focus your efforts to make the biggest, quickest impacts on your website’s performance.

Website Optimization

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Do you have a new business that you’re looking to take online? Or perhaps your existing business is finally getting a proper website up to help it grow? Whether one situation or the other, there are some things that you absolutely should not overlook if you want your website to be effective. In this article we are going to share some very basic, but essential, SEO Tips for Startups.

SEO for Startups
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